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Outdoor & Nature Photography Presentations


A popular presenter, Ethan offers a rare blend in his shows - great photos plus entertaining dialogue! His shows are humorous, informative
and inspirational. He is often chosen the keynote presenter for special events and conferences. Stock or custom shows are available,
suitable for a wide-range of audiences including camera clubs, naturalist groups and corporate conferences. Inquire for rates and bookings.

Upcoming Shows


October 18, 2022 (Tuesday) at 7:00pm
Southport Horticultural Society
Southampton, Ontario
Presentation: Confessions of a Crazed Photographer

November 7, 2022 (Monday) at 7:00pm
Etobicoke Camera Club (Virtual - Zoom)
Presentation: Just Winging It: A Bird Nerd and His Camera
Eventbrite link to purchase tickets.

November 21, 2022 (Monday) at 7:30pm
Richmond Hill Camera Club (Virtual - Zoom)
Presentation: For the Love of the Landscape

March 10-12, 2023  (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) - various times
Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club Photo Conference - Niagara Falls, Ontario
Ethan will be presenting two different shows:

-Just Winging It: A Bird Nerd and His Camera
-Born To Be Wild
The full schedule and registration details will be posted at: https://nfrccphotoconference.com/presentations/



Ethan's most popular presentations: 

Confessions of a Crazed Photographer
As an outdoor photographer, Ethan Meleg has crawled through mud, kayaked deep into swamps, endured -30 degree temperatures and hiked for miles in total darkness (often with 40 pounds of camera gear on his back) to capture spectacular photos of nature. In this presentation, Ethan shares his insight into the inspiration, passion and knowledge that drives great nature photography. Illustrated by his favourite photos and stories, this light-hearted and humorous presentation is sure to entertain and inspire! NOTE: This is Ethan's most popular show - great for all audiences!

For the Love of the Landscape!
Great landscape photos have the power to inspire us and evoke a sense of place! The best landscape photos have three key ingredients: dramatic light, strong foregrounds and depth of field from near to far. Ethan will share his top tips on techniques and gear (including filters) for making stunning landscape photos that will leave others saying 'wow'!

Just Winging It: A Bird Nerd and his Camera  
Bird photography is downright difficult, but amazingly fun and rewarding! Ethan started watching birds when he was a kid growing near Point Pelee National Park and used to skip school during migration. He's been a bird nerd all of his life and began photographing birds over twenty years ago. In this presentation, Ethan will cover the basics of bird photography, with tips, techniques and funny stories from his adventures photographing birds.

Born to Be Wild
Ethan was born to be wild. A ‘park guy’ and professional outdoor photographer, he’s spent his life working in wild areas and exploring spectacular parks around the globe. The addiction started as a kid as he wandered around Point Pelee National Park in search of migrating warblers and grew into lifelong passion for exploring places with natural beauty and high biodiversity. From the escarpment geology of the Bruce Peninsula to the rainforests of Suriname, Ethan has followed his love of parks and protected areas. In this presentation, he 
shares his insight into the inspiration, passion and knowledge that drives his love of natural areas and outdoor photography. Illustrated by his favorite photos and stories, this light-hearted and humorous presentation will entertain and inspire!

Adventures in Africa
A photo safari to Kenya is one of the the world's legendary wildlife photography experiences. Join Ethan for this behind-the-scenes presentation about his recent Kenya photo safari, illustrated with stunning photos and crazy stories about being mobbed by baboons, eye to eye with lions and hippos and robbed by bandits. 

Freedom 35: A Photographer's Adventure
At 35 years old, Ethan sold his house, bought a camper van and began an epic one year photo road trip around the continent. See the photos and hear the stories from his travels, living the dream as a wanderlust photographer! The presentation showcases the best photos and adventures from his travels, with a sprinkling of humor and inspiration.

Best of the Bruce - Ontario's Bruce Peninsula
Spectacular scenery and a high natural diversity make the Bruce Peninsula a nature lovers dream! The rugged eastern shore of the peninsula is rimmed by the towering cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment, which plunge into Caribbean-blue waters of Georgian Bay. Expansive forests, wetlands, shorelines and alvars form a wild mosaic, which is home to black bears, delicate orchids and hundreds of bird species. In this program, Ethan Meleg will share his favourite images and adventures from the Bruce Peninsula, his home for many years.  
Birds of the Bruce Peninsula
The Bruce Peninsula is for the birds, really! The expanse and diversity of natural habitats on the Bruce provide ideal real estate for nesting birds - with over 150 species recorded. And the geographic shape of the peninsula makes it a major travel corridor for migrating birds during spring and fall. Ethan will share his photos and adventures from watching and photographing the birds of the Bruce Peninsula, his home for many years.  



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