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Stock Photos - Outdoor Adventure, Landscape and Wildlife


Welcome publishers, photo researchers, art directors and graphic artists!

Thank you for considering me as a source for your stock photo needs. My photo collection contains approximately 120,000 images - carefully edited, razor sharp and with dramatic lighting. My subject coverage is continually growing and evolving with environmental, societal and industry trends. I shoot a variety of compositions and include room for copy in the images, to suit diverse publishing needs and layouts. 

Because of the large size of my photo collection and continual addition of new images, many of my photos are not in the sample galleries on this site. Please contact me with your request. If I don't have the photo you need, I may be able to recommend a colleague who does. 

Image Search
I'm currently developing a searchable database for the site, so you'll soon be able to search my photo collection by keyword. In the interim, please browse the image galleries on the site, check the stock lists above, or contact me directly with your request. The more specific you can be in your request, the better I'll be able to select images that meet your needs. 

Image Selection - Sending You Previews
Sample images can be emailed or FTP'd to you as low res images. A copyright notice is embedded on each preview image, but naturally this will not be on the high res file delivered to you for publication.   

Licensing Fees
My photos are available for licensing - in essence 'rented use' for a given period of time. Licensing fees are based on how the photo will be used and the level of exclusivity you require. For quotes, please provide information on: type of use (editorial, corporate, advertisement), media type (magazine, book, website, etc.), size, circulation, distribution (local, national, international) and length of display time. 

Photo Format and Image Quality
Most of my photos are captured  using Canon's top of the line EOS cameras and L-series lenses, producing high quality files suitable for most commercial and editorial uses. 

Digital files are prepared in Adobe RGB-1998 color space at 8bits. The file can be provided in most popular formats such as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, EPS, etc according to your needs.

Getting the High Res Files to You (options):  
1) By email (JPEGS)
2) Uploaded to my FTP site for you to download.
3) FTP'd to your site. 
4) CD, DVD or hard drive sent by courier/mail. 

I do not offer Royalty-Free use of my photos.  

Free-use (non-profit) Requests
Due to the large number of requests I receive to use my photos for free, I no longer respond to free-use requests, for both practical (office time constraints) and philosophical (value of photography) reasons.

Model Releases
Most of the photos that include people are model released. Copies of model releases are provided upon request.

Captions & Subject Info
Because of my intimate knowledge of the locations and species I photograph, I'm able to provide the background information you need for captions and for making very specific photo choices (ie. subspecies). 




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